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The National Black Employees Association (NBEA) is an Employee Resource Group dedicated to the support, development and advancement of Black employees at Xerox and around the globe. The NBEA is devoted to leveraging its base, programs and initiatives as a key strategic advantage in driving Xerox’s efforts to become a leader in the Technology Industry

The NBEA 5-Point


NBEA Global

with Xerox leadership to advance the strategic vision of maintaining the market leader position in both the technology industry and in the creation of a more inclusive workplace that leverages diversity as a key go to market advantage

Supportive Friend

existing Xerox Black, high potential, talent to meet resource requirements across all divisions and at all levels through training and mentorship programs designed to bridge resource gaps identified by Xerox Senior Leadership Team

What we do NBEA

diverse talent in support of present 

and future resource needs.

Recruit National Black Employees Association

Collaborate with HBCU’s, trade schools and other institutions of higher learning, on the frontlines of developing the next generation of Black leaders, to design coursework and identify candidates ideal for future roles at Xerox

Man Carrying Child in Arms


Supporting Black communities and other under-served groups through charitable initiatives, need-based scholarships, and recruiting partnerships


a sense of community amongst our members that connects us to the greater experience of being Black and improves overall work-life balance of our members through social events and other initiatives that bring us together



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