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The National Black Employees Association (NBEA) is an Employee Resource Group dedicated to the support, development and advancement of Black employees at Xerox and around the globe.

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Create an internal/external pipeline for Black candidates across all disciplines within the organization

Establish relationships with HBCU’s

  • Identify gaps for Black representation across all disciplines and encourage educational focus to meet those needs

  • Career fairs

  • Black student unions


Connect with veteran’s organizations


NBEA Linked-In Page to promote the support for Diversity at Xerox and develop and external pipeline


Support the re-institution/education of the WILSON Rule across all disciplines in the organization to include published measurement of ultimate hiring metrics

  • Do we have standards for interviewing criteria?

  • Do we have evaluation criteria for each role?

  • Do we have a set number of candidates that should be required?

HR reviews of diversity across geographic territories to include goals for Black representation

  • Include required remedies for addressing poor representation

  • NBEA to support improvement efforts in recruiting Black talent to bridge gaps

  • Re-focus on accountability-drive for transparency

Serious Man



Request and track the level of Black representation-permanent benchmark


Target candidates (internal/external) for specific advancement into leadership, engineering, computer science and other technical roles at all levels

  • Mentorship

  • Training

  • Succession planning

Establish a bench of strength to ensure Black readiness across all business lines

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for D&I initiatives specific to Black People

  • Push for a structured succession planning program-create a proposal to create this program company-wide

  • Monitor performance against succession planning program

  • Provide standardized feedback to Corporate Champion

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