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To support Xerox overall mission, vision and transformation to

“Leader in Technology”

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Create an internal pipeline of Black promotable candidates across all disciplines within Xerox


Work with HR to identify clear career path options for Black candidates

  • Specific characteristics to define grade levels and skillset needed to advance grade levels

  • HR to drive cultural awareness that promotes an agile workforce

Mentorship support to achieve career path options

  • Identify mentors across all disciplines in the organization to support advancement of Black candidates

  • Create an “agile” workforce that enable Black candidates to move throughout the organization

Seek guidance from HR to determine training “gaps” identified throughout the Xerox

  • Sponsor conference speakers, WebEx training & other initiatives to support company identified gaps


Drive for transparency in promotional practices

  • Where are the promotional practices not supporting D& I initiatives specifics to Black candidates?


Explore possible partnership with colleges and universities that could best support education needs of existing Black employee

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To drive support for activities that drive education & development for Black communities and support recruitment efforts for Xerox

  • Create partnerships with UNCF & TMCF and other organizations that support higher education for Black students

  • Create partnerships with organizations that support trade school education (Black Girls Code)

  • Shared Community Day for Black employees

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  • Offer assistance with key programs and events.

  • Subsidize financial needs in support of community affairs


  • Provide members with external professional
    development opportunities.

  • Increase the awareness and exposure to NBEA & Xerox

  • Offer members the opportunity to network with other
    Affinity Groups with common goals and objections

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